Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Here and Now

When I look in your eyes
There I see
Just what you mean to me
Here in my heart I believe
Your love is all I'll ever need
Holdin' you close through the night
I need you, yeah

I look in your eyes and there I see
What happiness really means
The love that we share makes life so sweet
Together we'll always be
This pledge of love feels so right
And, ooh, I need you

Here and now
I promise to love faithfully [Faithfully]
You're all I need
Here and now
I vow to be one with thee [You and me], hey
Your love is all [I need] I need
Say, yeah, yeah...
When I look in your eyes, there I'll see
All that a love should really be
And I need you more and more each day
Nothin' can take your love away
More than I dare to dream
I need you
Here and now
Luther Vandross (1951-2005)

You were totally singing along with me, weren't you?  

Truth be known, this is not my most favorite wedding song.   In my opinion, it's not a classy wedding without an Ol' Blue Eyes remake by Michael Buble'.  You know the one I'm referring to....

This is Home Girl and I loved working on this wedding themed cookie set.  It doesn't mean I ever want to join that institution again, but the thought of just having a reception is pretty fun sometimes.

Those thoughts are fleeting though.  Thank God.