Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My First Wedding Shoot

Last Thursday, I had both the privilege and the honor of attending the wedding of two very good friends. Like myself, they have a unconventional relationship, but the love they share far outweighs the obstacles they face.

I not only watched this day unfold before me, but was thrilled to photograph it as well.  I know from a technical standpoint there is much work I need to do, but I am very pleased my my first attempt results.

Wanna take a peek?

It snowed the day that A and Z became a couple and it snowed on their wedding day, as well. 

We're here!!  Nervous happiness filled the air.  

Such a stunning venue. 

A and his stunning mother...so thrilled for this day!!  

Not a dry eye in the house!!  Such a touching ceremony.  

Capturing the love and excitement as two, become one. 

It's official!!  Love their smiles!

A great day in D.C.

Wedding Reception in The Cavendish Suite at The Renaissance, Portsmouth, Virginia.  The waterfront view of Norfolk, VA through the window.  

Red Velvet Wedding Cake paired with opulent wines, champagne, and prosecco.

United as One

This is Home Girl and I am house sitting while these two are honeymooning in Aspen, CO.  No, I'm not hating...not at all!  

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Day of Wine and Roses

Love in a Look 
by Henry Van Dyke

Let me but feel thy look's embrace, 
Transparent, pure, and warm, 
And I'll not ask to touch thy face,
Or fold thee with mine arm.
For in thine eyes a girl doth rise,
Arrayed in candid bliss,
And draws me to her with a charm
More close than any kiss. 

A loving-cup of golden wine,
Songs of a silver brook,
And fragrant breaths of eglantine,
Are mingled in thy look.
More fair they are than any star,
Thy topaz eyes divine --
And deep within their trysting-nook
Thy spirit blends with mine.

This is Home Girl wishing you, today and forevermore, hours filled with abundant love.   

Friday, February 11, 2011

Yes, I have Pink Hair


I was in desperate need of a cut and color.  I have very ethnic hair.  It is terribly difficult to find people who are capable of understanding how to cut my hair and of course there's the coloring issue.  I wanted something a little wild, sassy, and free.  A new hair style that says, "Home Girl".


Pink hair in graduating shades from bright to dark which is not staying after Valentine's Day, but is really fun and a super asymetrical cut that is short, short, short in the back and long in the front...next week I am having mocha layers added in.

Ya know...so Home Girl can do her thang!  (I do have amazing natural curls)

Yesterday, I photographed a wedding in Washington, D.C.  It was amazing.  I was so thrilled to be a part of the wedding as the photographer.  This is my favorite shot.  I promise to share more in the next few days.

This is Home Girl and I believe in love that knows no bounds.  To me, that is real love.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

This and That Thursday by Mental Pause Mama

~It snowed for what is likely the last time this year, and it's okay and all, but even I am over it.  Come on Spring!

~Gender has nothing to do with love and marriage.

~My favorite food experience this week is Key Lime Cheesecake with Strawberries.  Oh yeah.

~I don't know how I feel about my hair, right now.

~It's pink.

~It's pink, like remember Pink's hair when it was pink.  I love the cut though.  I might have to get some darker layers put in to find a happy medium, but the cut is awesome.

~I am wondering how close the wedding venue will be to Red Velvet Cupcakes in Downtown D.C. and if Russia and I can sneak down there and get back without anyone noticing.  Hmmm.

~Russia and I have the same mutual attraction to designer cupcakes.

~Have you ever had Sweet Dreams, Chocolate Caramel Covered Popcorn???  I had a cupcake moment after eating this tempting treat.  Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake with Caramel Creme that has been dipped in Chocolate Ganache (or Chocolate Shell) and sprinkled with the Chocolate Caramel Covered Popcorn.  Sweet and Salty and Chocolaty and Yummy.

~I seem to have cupcake moments a lot.

This is Home Girl asking...What would be your cupcake moment??

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crazy Busy Week

I had a feeling that this week would be insanely jam packed...and it is.

I love it though.  I really do.  I am having an absolute blast.  Today is the lull in my week.  It will be a day filled with making a baby quilt for a shower I am attending on Saturday, creating a surprise for friends who are getting married in Washington, D.C. on Thursday at The Washington Court Hotel, and then...

Home Girl's getting a complete makeover tonight!!!!  Yes, I will be sipping on some nice wine while getting completely pampered.   The whole deal...new color, new cut, new style.  New Me!!

I might do a before and after.  I said, I might.  Don't count on it though.  I don't know.  I am still deciding.  Not questioning the makeover part, but the showing you a before photo.  We shall see.

I had a great food photo shoot on Monday.  I will get to that later on this week after I finish processing all the photos.

I mentioned that we got to sample all the food I shot, right?  I will also tell you I am not eating today...at all.  Opulence and stellar food are wrecking havoc on my caloric intake and Home Girl has a wedding to go to on Thursday where she is not only a guest, but the wedding photographer.

Where there will be even more wonderful food, cake, and wine.

Then there's Valentine's Weekend, Daytona Speed Week, and last, but not least...My Birthday Weekend.

Also, I can NOW tell you, Home Girl is going to the South of France on a two week, Blogging/Wine Barge Tour in September.

And you wonder why I have a princess complex???

This is Home Girl and I love the way my tiara fits.

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Whirlwind Weekend

Sorry to be in a rush, but I am trying to get out the door for a food photo shoot...and I wasn't home at all over the weekend.  The few hours I was home, were spent napping.

I love a good nap.  Don't you?  I love Sunday Morning Pancakes, too.

I will catch up with everyone later on tonight and tomorrow when things calm down for me, for at least two days.

I love my life.

This is Home Girl and yes, he ate it all!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Maybe The Groundhog Wasn't Lying

While a greater majority of the United States was going crazy with Winter weather yesterday, I enjoyed a breezy and balmy Wednesday near 70 degrees.

I know...don't hate.

The glorious temperatures provided a much needed chance to walk about Olde Towne as much as I pleased...and it was wonderful.  For those of you that aren't familiar with me, I live in the historical district of Portsmouth, Virginia.  It is simply called Olde Towne and it's a magical place.  I have left and come back and this quaint little sea village is still able to thrill my heart.  It captivates my soul.

I guess that's when you know you really love something.  That feeling is your sign, that you can bloom where you are planted.

As I was walking, I noticed something coming up from the dark brown soil...could it be?  "No, seriously...is that what I think it is?"

Yes, Virginia...here's your sign!!!  Spring is actually on it's way!

 Where man sees but withered leaves,
God sees sweet flowers growing.
~Albert Laighton

Maybe we should rely on animals to predict the weather more often??

This is Home Girl and I wish you beautiful green buds to brighten your day.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Project Me at The Maddy Chronicles

Project Me: Hosted by The Maddy Chronicles

It is my sincere honor to be guest posting over at The Maddy Chronicles today for the inauguration of Project Me.  Please click the button above to go see me there.

You can come back here and give me hugs and kisses, because you know I like that kind of stuff...so, scoot...what are you waiting for...

CLICK that button!

Yes, that's brownie bites sitting next to Chocolate Covered Cherry, Sweet Bliss wine.  Just another great way I celebrate Me!!

Project Me: Hosted by The Maddy Chronicles

This is Home Girl and I am so happy for today!!  Welcome to the world Project Me.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy First Birthday Communal Global and Some Me Time...

Going back to The Spit was great...despite any fears I may have had about what I would feel.  My love for The Spit has changed and although I rather enjoyed myself, I knew deep in my heart, I love Olde Towne more.

It was a relaxing weekend filled with lots of laugh, great food, and even better friends.  I even managed some "Me Time", walking alone along the beach on a cold morning, shooting photos.

I want to wish Communal Global a Very Happy First Birthday!!  What a great group of people from all over the world to be a part of.  It truly gives you a window to the world and I am so glad I joined this group...not only is the photography stunning, but each of the contributors has an amazing soul.

I hope this image warms your soul today if you are dealing with less than stellar weather and temperatures.  Don't be fooled though...it was so cold and windy when I shot this, but it brings hope that warmer days are ahead.  Hope springs eternal!!

Tomorrow is a very exciting day.  Project Me at The Maddy Chronicles begins and I will be the first one to post!!  I am rather thrilled about it all!  I hope you join us.

This is Home Girl and I dream of warm days on the beach.  And you?