Thursday, May 24, 2012

This and That Thursday

Why is it that this is the only day, that I really enjoy writing on?  Is it because I can be random and write run on sentences and not let grammar matter?  Is it because I can dump all the crap that is stuck in my head without fear of digression?

There's a little secret that I have to share.

I have been cheating on Blogger with another platform.  Yes, it's true.

I am not ready to share where because it's kinda nice to have a place all to myself where I can be alone, but it is the coolest of cool platforms, if that gives you any hint.

It's like Pinterest and Blogger, all rolled into one place....and I like it.  All the cool kids are there.

I got these absolutely amazing shoes yesterday.  These are the Nike Shox Turbo+ 12 running shoes and I completely adore them.  I have always been a bobo sneaker type person.  It goes back to my obsession with Keds Tennis Shoes from the early 80's.  I use to think that running shoes were just for runners.  I never thought that a shoe like this could actually make me want to move more, but it's true.

I love them.

Hydrangea's are blooming all over Olde Towne.

It makes me smile.

They are my favorite of floral blooms in the floral bloom sphere.

I once got yelled at for taking a stem last year.  This lady saw me do it, and she was like..."OMG!  She just picked one of Faye's Hydrangea flowers!!!"  "We need to tell on her."

I gave her one of my "WTF? Really?" looks and left.  (There is totally a WTF? Really? know you know it, too.)

It was ONE bloom and I needed it for design purposes.

Some people just kill me.  It wasn't like I uprooted the whole bush or anything...

I could have totally done that too...but, I didn't.

I went out with one of my favorite Stick Girls last week and we dined outside at Doumar's Drive In in Norfolk, Virginia.

It's a pretty historic eating establishment.

Guy at there.

I always get a Carolina Pulled Pork Barbecue, with slaw and hot sauce (I put that shit on everything) on a steamed bun.

There is always a large Lime-Aide and crisp french fries to round out the experience.

Some days, I get to end it like this....

This is a Hot Fudge Cake Sundae.  It's buttery vanilla sponge cake, covered in a mound of rich, thick hot fudge sauce, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and COVERED in whip cream and a cherry on top.

There really isn't any other way to eat a Sundae, except drenched in whip cream.

Cool Whip is not whipped cream.  (I just thought I'd clarify that.)

This is Home Girl and I feel better about my affair now that the truth is out.  Tumblr is the shit.  Sorry, Blogger.

Also, I am glad I have the running shoes help to combat my food choices.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

This and That Thursday

These are the things that I am pondering today.  Some of them I think about at a deeper level than others.

Porch Sittin' in Park Place

1.  Passive Aggressive behavior and those that do not have enough balls to say exactly what they mean.  I am for the most part, a literalist.  I work in concrete terms.  Don't worry I can't handle what you have to say.  I can.  I understand the English language at a very high level.

2.  My horoscope for the day is:  Names have power.  There's something you've been experiencing as a vague cloud of emotion.  If you can put a name on your feelings, you can release them and transform your energy.

3.  Passive Aggressive Ass's that for a name?  There, I released the emotion and feel so much better about it.

4.  I am making a Boob Cake and Boobie Cookies for a client.  It will say, "29 is the Tits".  I love it when my clients let me help them share their sense of humor.  This is a clear example of someone who does not suffer from passive aggressiveness.  Say what you mean.

5.  I am completely addicted to Karmin right now.  She is so awesome.

6.  I am also a HUGE fan of Jenna Marbles.  She is a Vlogger and puts out the best videos once a week about different topics that affect us all.  She also does not suffer from being Passive Aggressive.  She really tells it like it is.

I believe that every girl needs to watch this video.  Real talk (with a few bad words) on how women end up so screwed in the head.  It's Disney's fault.

In fact, you should watch all her videos and then you might understand me a little bit more.  Jenna and I could be the same person.  I completely get her.

7.  I am not a huge fan of Mother's Day.  I don't really know if that concept will change for me this year.  I am sure it will later on in life, but who guarantees that we will have more to celebrate?  I certainly don't.

8.  Chicken, Rice, and Country Gravy is the shit.  It can cheer me up out of the worst mood ever.

9.  My $1 Flippies (Flip Flops) have outlasted the one's that cost $27.  What's up with that??

10.  I am secretly addicted to playing Slingo on that social network site otherwise known as Face Crack.  Today, I won 2 extra balls.  It was my life force telling me something.

This is Home Girl and I am a straight shooter with a very good aim.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Good Mood Weekends

I had a great weekend and just like everyone else, I have come to appreciate them when they appear.  I like life more when everyone's in a good mood and getting along.  The star's aligned and the heaven's smiled.

Butter Pecan Double Layer with Pecan Brittle Cream Cheese Buttercream

It just makes things more pleasant, the sun shines a little brighter, the river breeze is a little cooler, and the floral scent of the blooming gardens more vibrant.

I have been ending my weekends by watching, Finding Your Roots on PBS.  I am obsessed with that show.  I know a fair amount about both sides of my family, but I don't have the in depth notes and certifications that other members of my family possess.  That's something I have come to be okay with because I have story memories that I have locked away in my mind.  Countless hours of listening to the remarkable stories about my great grands and their grands at my grandparents telling is forever in my soul and unless I write them here, they will mostly die with me.  I don't think my siblings listened as intently or spent as much one on one time as I did with both sets of my grands.  I soaked in all the stories.  I prompted them as I remember and I relished in it.

I was joking for the past week about my excitement that Martha Stewart would be featured on this week's episode of Finding Your Roots.  I just swore that somehow we had to be related.

We were not, sad to say.  I am in no way related to Genghis Khan and she is, believe it or not.

The one parallel that I did notice is that we come from a line of hard working, creative, resourceful, women who aspired to make the world a happier place through our creations.  We were both raised by gardeners, seamstresses, cooks, bakers, basket weavers, master craftsmen, and intellectuals.

Mulberries Almost Ready!!

I think my princess complex is a little stronger than Martha's, but she definitely has the Northern fortitude on lock.  I just love Martha...and Pioneer Woman.  She can be in our club, too.

I felt a kindred spirit for a moment, but no....there was no family relation.

I'm okay with that though.  I am proud of my heritage and what it has given me.  I like who I am.

Country Style Memphis Ribs n'  Talledega 

I may write about the family characters I know of so that my children will have the legacy that I hold dear to my heart.

Everyone wants to know where they came from...what makes them who they are.  That was something no one could ever take away from me.

Nope, not ever.

This is Home Girl and I am a Daughter of the American Revolution.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Gives You The Right?

I happened to be on the MWoP site today checking in on the blogging world's version of Britney Spear's, circa 2008, otherwise known as Mckmama.

I wrote a stellar post about her that is locked on my former blog (because some people suck) and was trying to be really nice and share some of the warning signs I see in her train wreck and potentially criminal life.  I called a spade, a spade while not casting judgement, but merely offering the same advice I often wished someone had been able to afford me at my time in need, but unfortunately all my friends at the time were social climbing, Real Housewives of Virginia Beach who wouldn't have had a clue.  (Wouldn't that be a show)

Oh man, I completely digressed.  I really hate it when that happens.

So, yeah.  Mckmess and Mckmama Without Pity.  MWoP is basically a site run by these incredibly intelligent ladies and men who should be running the government, as far as I am concerned.  Let's talk about completely thorough.  They are the best of blood hounds and I can see why they feel as angered at her antics, as they do.  Hell, I am even shocked at what she's pulled off in the past and still to this day.  I feel sorry for that sap of a husband who either fully knew what was going on, or is completely the sweetest lug who really wasn't watchful and she bullshitted the crap out of him....but I doubt that.

My point is, and I am obviously having a hard time explaining this, that I believe that there may be a basis for websites set to question bad blogging.

I believe that when you become a Mega Blogger and the content of the blog is making considerable money and is supported by paid advertisement then the owner of the blog has a responsibility to their readers to allow scrutiny.

I'm not talking about the stalking kind of following someone around.  That's a little creepy.  I am just supporting MWoP's position in examining the financial activities of this woman.

They have rules of engagement.

I found about two other bloggers going at it today on MWoP and of course, I had to go figure out what everyone was talking about because since they took All My Children off the air, I have been in desperate need of some drama.   You know the kind....the ones you can turn off or look away from.

I have a very low percentage of personal drama because I will not allow it.

Man.....there I go again.  Damn you digression.

So, apparently there is this Dooce, she was recently on Good Morning America or something,  I  don't know because I have never, ever read her....not once.  I read her today and although stunningly designed...I read the first post and it came across as whiny.  I hate whiny bitches.  So, I am assuming she is a pretty big deal or something in the under 30 set??

Anyway...I read about this GOMI chick.  Get Off My Internets.  I check her out and read some brilliant writing, but written with a Viper Tongue.

Bitch can bite....she's even down right mean.

Sort of like Mean Girl's Mean.

Why?  I mean really.  Who the F cares about what Dooce does or not??  Who is she?  OOOoooooo....not.  In reality, GOMI...sweetheart, your driving up Dooce's readership by having this war.  If you hate her that much, why even bother?

Find some real dirt that she can't hire an attorney for and then we'll talk.

Unless, it's Dooce that is writing GOMI....or maybe it's the husband.

Ya'll just need to grow the F up and get over yourselves.  It's a blog.  It's a perception of what you want others to see your life as.  A blog is word smithed existence.  And you're fighting over it?  Really?


This is Home Girl and I think you should just blog for the love of the art....for free...just because it's the right thing to do.  I write advertisement free.  I'm not a girl that can be bought.