Monday, March 14, 2011

You Want This Easy Recipe For A Divine Dinner, I Swear.

What happens when you take three good friends who are all going through a few relationship problems and add good food and wine?  You get three good friends who were much calmer together, than we would have been apart.

What could have been disaster turned into a wonderful day.  Do you ever have those pivotal days?  It could go either way, but in keeping a Happy Heart...all is well.

My BBFF, also known as Thing One, made the most incredible dinner last night.  It was simple in it's elegance, but let me tell you right now...this bad boy is decadent.

Pecan Encrusted Chicken Breasts stuffed with fresh Spinach and Colby/Monterrey Jack Cheese which was served over rice.  It was paired with Black Box Chardonnay.  A perfect meal for whatever (and whomever) ails you.

Thing One began by crushing about a cup of chopped pecans.  He placed the pecans on a few folded paper towels and then rolled an empty wine bottle over them until they were good and crushed.

He performed the same rolling task over large chicken breasts until they were thin and flat.  Take one chicken breast, dip into an egg wash comprised of 3 eggs scrambled well and a dash of milk... a layer of fresh spinach leaves and a heaping handful of shredded cheese onto the flattened chicken breast.  Roll up.  Dip the rolled breasts into the crushed pecans until covered, place onto a broiler pan, and then spear with two or three tooth picks to stabilize the perfect pockets of wonderment.  Take whatever pecan crumbs are left and sprinkle on top of the chicken.  You will thank me later when you taste the toasted pecans on the rice.

Bake in a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes.  Peek on it occasionally and let the aromas dance around your kitchen.  Make your favorite rice dish to accompany the chicken.  Notice all the cheesy goodness coming out??? That's what I'm talking about, baby.

Serve the chicken breasts on top of the rice and call "All the Churrin' " to dinner.  You know those meals where everyone is silent because the food is THAT was one of those nights.

Yes, it really was.  The wine was great, too.  Have you ever tried Black Box Chardonnay?  I was impressed.

This is Home Girl and I loved it when Star Jones (on Celebrity Apprentice) said, "If you are trying to take out The Queen, you better kill her first."  My thoughts exactly.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Crazy Times We Live In

My heart just breaks for those dealing with the earthquakes in Japan and abroad, the Tsunami's around the world, and the volcanic disruptions currently taking place.  The images are mind blowing.

This all leaves me weary of our future for some reason.

It makes me pray even harder for salvation for not only myself, but for those I love.

I went on a walk to ease my soul and to spend some alone time with Him.  It helped.  I looked at the bounty of Spring growth around me and it made me smile a little...

even in the midst of bad news coming in from around the world.

This is Home Girl...does any of this scare you???

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning

It's raining here today.  It's one of those "stay inside because it's too yucky to go out" days, but sometimes those can be the best kind.  There is Spring cleaning to be done and this does not exclude In The Heart of Happy.  I am just so excited about this news I am going to share with you...right here, right now.

In The Heart of Happy is moving!!!  Yep, I have become quite frustrated with Blogger and their inability to  provide photo hosting without charging huge fees.

It will take me at least one more day, maybe two to get everything packed up and moved, but it will definitely be for the better.

I am getting my own domain and will be using Wordpress, so I am pretty excited to say the very least.  I hope that this move will allow me to continue to grow and to bring you content I want without having to make sacrifices.

When the blog goes live, you best believe I will come here and let you know...and if you have a hard time finding me after it's all said and done, please feel free to leave me a comment here and I will connect with you.  Promise.  I will be leaving this blog open as well, because I have a lot of my favorite reads on my dashboard and well, I am not a fan of Google Reader, either.

Hopefully this move will be permanent for a while.  It's with some mixed emotions that I say goodbye to this "house"...I have lived here through so much, but there comes a time when we must get bigger digs when we are ready for them.

I am ready...ready for In The Heart of Happy Dot Com!!!!!  Yeah!

This is Home Girl and I moving on up...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Promise More Tomorrow!

I really do.  I finally have a clear and unscheduled day where I can write and comment on my favorite blogs.  I know those that have been reading for a few years now understand and most know what I have been up to on that social platform called Face Crack, but for those that have missed me, I do sincerely apologize for my absence.

I got it excused from the principal.  It was worth it.  Trust and believe.

I have missed you all terribly, though.  My heart would ache at times, I missed you all so much.  I had my lap top with me, but apparently Virginia does not believe in 4G wireless and well...

3G coverage does not like large photo files, so I needed to wait until I got home.

It was a great adventure that is turning into some more adventures in my near future.  Great things are happening.

God is just SO good!

This is Home Girl and I missed my Homies more than you'll ever know!