Monday, October 18, 2010

Music; the fabric of my life

Like many of you, my musical heritage was influenced by parents and my grandparents; by the many people who waltzed in and out of my young life. I had older sisters and I was exposed to their thoughts on popular music of their peer group..which I was not a part of.

I have my own thoughts on what I like and dislike in music, but I am not bound by any set rules. I do not covet any one genre of notes. I have never been this way. Even as a little girl, I was very fickle when it came to my own musical selections.

If I had one of those Ipod things, here is a list of the first 25 songs I would have on it. These are in no particular order.

1. Sweet Baby James, James Taylor
2. Nessun Dorma, Pavarotti
3. Watershed, Indigo Girls...a song I can actual sing.
4. Like the Way I do, Melissa Etheridge
5. Whip It, Devo
6. St. Judy's Comet, Paul Simon...from the There Goes Rhyming Simon oldest sister used to sing this to me. She had a gorgeous voice. I do not, that is why I played the flute. I attempted to sing this song to all my kids when they were itty bitty...I bet they wouldn't have this song on their Ipods. Just say'in.
7. We've Only Just Begun, The Carpenters...there are just too many memories to recount hearing this song.
8. So Far Away, Crossfade
9. O Let's Do It, Waka Flocka Flame
10. Numb, Linkin Park
11. Rodeo-Hoedown, Aaron Copland. I have played this piece so much, I have it memorized permanently.
12. Welcome to the Family, Avenge Sevenfold~ I know, right? This surprises even me.
13. No Woman/No Cry, Bob Marley and the Whalers
14. I'm Not Afraid. Eminem
15. If I were a Boy, Beyonce'
16. Noctourne in E Minor, Opus 72, Frederic Chopin
17. Mi Mancherai, Josh no one else can.
18. Unredeemed, Selah...a song that can make me smile.
19. Straight Outta Compton, NWA
20. Baby featuring Ludacris, Justin Bieber
21. 4 Minutes Featuring Justin Timberlake, Madonna
22. Bye, Bye, Bye., Nsync...yes, there has to be an Nsync song on my list and this one is my favorite.
23. Part of your World, Disney's Little Mermaid.
24. Meet Virginia, Train
25. Run Around, Blues Traveler...just such a cherry, friggin' could you stay down after hearing this song.

There is the short list and you may notice there is no country on my list. I am not a huge country fan. I just never really got it...well, wait...there is one song I like.

I'll Pray for You, Jaron

Have a great Monday Everyone

This is Home Girl and yes...I do listen to Waka Flocka Flame. What? You got something to say?


Anonymous said...


Laura ~Peach~ said...

*snickers* I'll pray for you... cracke me up every time... and I LOVE Darius Rucker... i am not sure i consider his music country but thats how its listed ... and I do love country :) and rock and gospel and and and and and ...
Happy Monday!

I Am Woody said...

Never would've taken you for such a rap/hip hop person:)

Mental P Mama said...

Awesome list!

abb said...

Nice all-over-the-place-lover-of-all-kinds-of-music list! Just like mine!