Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thomas Jefferson would have loved this house.

I have been busy making meal plans for the next few weeks. I make the grocery list off of the meal plans. I like to be organized that way.

I am excited about grocery shopping. Really excited.

The house that I live in is in one word...Amazing. It is an old house, built sometime in the late 1700's, but is full of happiness. I live here with three men and one male cat. At times, it feels like a frat house, but I would not trade that feeling for anything. I enjoy taking care of the "womanly tasks". I am a care taker. I see a need and I fulfill it.

The ceilings are at least 16 feet in this house. The crown moldings are stellar. The wood floors are shiny and slick. If you get enough momentum, one can slide from the back hall all the way to the front door. Not that I have tried that or anything.

I have set up a small sewing/quilting design area in the formal dining room. There is a large fire place and a gorgeous chandelier. Williamsburg comes to mind when walking throughout this expansive home.

There are 3 fire places downstairs and several (some former) upstairs. The staircase is grand. It speaks about the house. At night, when its dark, the wooden boards creak. Sometimes, it can get a little freaky, but I have only sensed good spirits here. Not bad ones, like some of the other places I have visited in Olde Towne. If you do not believe in spirits, after living in this little village, you will. I can assure you of that.

We share a lot of laughs and love in this house. We share a lot of time throughout Olde Towne together. I will be sharing photos very soon. I promise!!!

This past weekend, the four of us walked the streets of Olde Towne experiencing Schooner Days. We looked at all the vessels and talked with many of the traveling sailors. We ventured into a Nautical Wares store. We savored the time together. Men walk very fast. I was rather exhausted after our adventure.

There are many more fun times to be shared...I am sure.

As I sit here typing, at a heavy, wooden table in the midst of this home's history, I find peace. I find gratefulness. I find joy.

This is Home Girl and I wish you Joy.


Together We Save said...

Sounds amazing!! Thank you for sharing your joy!

Mental P Mama said...

I wish you'd hurry up and get a camera!!!

Laura ~Peach~ said...


abb said...

Glad you've found your good place. And I'm with MPM...get a camera already! We need pictures!

Unknown said...

I am so deeply happy for you. I can't even begin to tell you how happy! : ) Glad you left Texas and returned to your 'home'!