Monday, December 20, 2010

I Hate Being Sick!!

I have not been sick with a cold or anything since December 2008 and I hate it even more now, then I did back then.  I can not stand it one bit, but the flu bug has found me and now I am a not so happy person.

I don't do sick well, at all.  I just hate taking medicine, because all I can do is just lay there and it's right before the holidays and there is still so much I have left to do.  I am terribly allergic to medication like Sudophed (sp?) I am just too cranky to even look up the correct spelling and that is sick.

I know there are a few other people that are feeling the same way I do.  I am right there with ya!  Yucky, sicky, grossness.  Go away and leave us alone.

I am home today bundled up in my flannel jammie pants, a UVA t-shirt, a hoodie, and my cashmere socks.  I am hoping to sweat this crud out of myself.

The only food that I am craving is hot wings and ice cream, but not together.  That would be disgusting.

I am drinking flat Coca-cola because that is what my Nana use to give me when I was all icky.  I doubt she would have given me the ice cream, but it does feel good going down my throat.  She would have also given me some Bella Donna, but you can't get that anymore.  It made my world all lovely.  It was an OTC medication when I was little.  She would mix a small amount into my Coca-cola to drink with ice chips.

I am going to go sammie a table runner and get under the covers on the sofa in front of a fire.  I will make the "quilting ghost" happy because I am going to lay there today and hand quilt it for Russia's mother for Christmas.

It is made with Sherry Berry that a very special blog friend sent for me.  She also sent me this wonderful bunting for one of the many fireplaces in this grand home.  That is Benjamin Franklin up on the mantel.  He is keeping watch over me.

If I felt better, I would be baking cookies or I would be at work...but that is just not happening today.

This is Home Girl and I want to know, what do you do to make yourself all better?


tara said...

When I am sick I drink lots of lemon Thera Flu. I love the stuff. And lots of hot baths.
The bunting looks great.

Mental P Mama said...

Take good care of yourself...time and fluids!!!!

Jennie said...

So sorry you're sick! Two of my little ones and my one big guy are sick, too. Come on down here and join the sickfest! Anyway, besides wishing you good health I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. I've really missed you this fall and hope to be a better bloggy friend in 2011! Much love!

abb said...

Possibly my germs from last week flew through the air and found you. Sorry 'bout that!

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh dear you sound rough! Get well soon!