Thursday, December 2, 2010

This and That Thursday by Mental Pause Mama

Wow...I am actually getting to post This and That on it's proper day.  I am pretty excited about that thought.  I usually think about it while I am at work and say to myself..."Darn it,  I will have to post T&T tomorrow....", but then I forget to do it and have to do it on another random day which never makes sense.

I am ADHD like that.  No, really...I am.  I can control the AD part, but the HD part takes control sometimes and has to be beaten into submission.  I beat it down with a stick.  It's even hard for me to sit still enough to watch movies in theaters.

My love is ADHD, too.  He is more AD than HD...we are a perfectly balanced act, the two of us.

I made this stupid decision to try living gluten free for two weeks.  Why?  I thought it might give me more energy and bust up these remaining 20 pounds I want to drop.  I have discovered that I am seriously carb addicted and gluten obsessed.  That's all I have left to lose since I embarked on serious weight loss, 2 years ago this coming January.  I have already lost 151 pounds, down from 331.  I feel amazing.  I have no clothes right now, but I do feel wonderful.  I promise to post some pics as soon as I get an outfit that doesn't just hang on me.  I do still have a pair of jeans that I once wore...that were way too tight...I can now fit both legs into one.

I do have clothes...they are just all huge on me and I figured out that is where I get into trouble.  Wearing clothes that are too big allows your brain to be fooled into eating crap that you know you shouldn' flour less chocolate torta (Oh my yum) or Coconut Milk Creme Brulee.

I hardly ever get political on my blog...I usually keep my political opinions on local and more global policies to myself.  Tomorrow, I will be posting my opinions regarding a new nightclub that is opening soon in Olde Towne.

I know this issue doesn't affect most of you, but maybe there is something similar going on in your your city.  You might agree with what I have to say tomorrow or you might not, but I would appreciate your feed back.  It is proving to be a heated debate and in this particular pit bull fight, I do have some strong things to say.

I need a day off...I am completely worn out.  Seriously.  The only day off I have right now is Sunday and it's  I can feel my "personal space/well meter" becoming very low and that is usually when I start to get cranky.  I need that introversion to combat the extroversion needed to be nice to customers on a daily basis.

No, seriously...lately I have been having dreams that I walk up to tables, in the fine dining establishment that I am managing...and I am like,

"What the F do you want?"

Table guests look at me in horror...

"Take you and your bratty kids to McDonald's...that is where you belong.  Don't bust my bubble into thinking that you are going to appropriately compensate me for my service, because we both know that's NOT going to just do me a favor...guy with Little Man Syndrome...get up and leave now and no one will get hurt."

Then I wake up and I'm scared that this actually happened.

But it didn't, so I'm good.  

This is Home Girl and I think I might have a very vivid imagination...must be from being around all that garlic.


Laura~peach~ said...

giggles... at the dreams...
take a good honest look at your... nakid body you may be at your ideal weight... you body knows when it is at its optimum and since you have lost so much already those last 20 may be no so necessary to lose as you think... weights a number and the height weight charts are so totally biased and on the extreamly low side of reality... you are so much healthier and feel so much better ... i am not saying do try this i am saying if you lose 20 and no matter what you do it comes back or if no matter what you do the 20 just wont come off keep in mind you may be at your bodies ideal weight...

I Am Woody said...

Another carb addict present and accounted for...

tara said...

What an amazing accomplishment. That was alot of hard work.
I did a dairy and flour free diet and the first few days were the hardest but it was the only way I have lost weight.
You need to take some time for yourself.

Sarah said...

If you decide to bust a move on a customer, can you invite me? That would make my week! :) Also, congrats on your weightloss. That's fantastic!