Thursday, December 9, 2010

This and That Thursday by Mental Pause Mama

We got the fourteen million strings of lights onto the 10 foot tree last night without anyone needing emergency care.

Well, there was one episode when we couldn't get the 17 year old monster off the floor and then when I almost broke his texting thumbs because every time we went around "said tree", he would have to stop to text again.

Teenagers and texting...Gah.

The stockings are all hung as well.

I make all the flour less chocolate tortes for the restaurant.  They are beyond decadent.  I am making another today and I promise to take photos and provide you with the recipe.  I call this cake PMS medication.  It is seriously yummy.  One slice per month, ladies.

The pizza we had before the lights extravaganza was hot and yummy and pepperoni~y.  That is a word, you know.  Is too!

There will be firemen roasting marshmallows in Olde Towne on Saturday.  There will also be Santa and the Snow Queen.

I honestly think and feel very deeply that I should be crowned Snow Queen for next year.  I deserve it and I already have my very own tiara and proper princess and queen training.

I think Santa is being VERY good to me this year.

This is Home Girl and pepperoni~y is too a word.


Sarah said...

Such a cute blog post! That tree looks monstrous, and still beautiful! Enjoy the PMS medication cake. (I can get you my address whenever you find a pen... :)


I Am Woody said...

Yes, it is definitely a word.

April said...

Oh, my word...can I ever relate about teenagers and texting! It's like their cell phones have grown to their fingers! A 10 ft. tree...WOW! That pizza is making me HUNGRY!!!

Mental P Mama said...

Now all I want is pizza.

CPA Mom said...

You SHOULD be snow queen. Where do I vote?