Thursday, December 30, 2010

This and That Thursday by Mental Pause Mama

Today is a very special day for my good friend and someone I consider to be my mentor in this crazy thing called life, Mental Pause Mama.  Please go over and say hello, show some major love, tell her I sent you, I want to win that coffee maker because I live in a house with all men and I really need the coffee for my sanity and brewing Cowboy Coffee really sucks in the morning...anyway, Mama is celebrating her three year blogging anniversary!!!  And in doing so, I am having a special This and That Thursday where all my random and totally off the top of my brain quips will be about this very special lady and I mean them from the bottom of my heart, whether I win that Cuisinart Coffee maker or not.

Mama, I can not believe it's been three years.  It has been hitting me in a weird way since you mentioned it to me.  All I can think of is, WOW.  Three years.  In the scheme of things, three years is not such a long time, but looking back, it amazes me how much we have all been we have been a part of the ups and downs of each other's worlds through our daily and sometimes "not so daily" writings...

I remember when you didn't think you would make it through the twins senior years of high school and then's hard to believe they are now in their 2nd year of college.  My, how you have grown with them.

In the past three years, you have grown a deep attachment and affinity for Virginia, both the Tidewater and Piedmont areas, both having your heart deeply entrenched.

We have been there with you through moving, birds leaving the nest, a new job, ups and downs, through losing a dear fur family member, and all your fun adventures.

I am still jealous you went to Italy and Spain.

I miss seeing "those boots".

Times on the Chesapeake Bay...sigh.

Helping me to realize that the walls would not fall down if I went to worship at a Catholic church and soon I will be taking my conversion classes.

We share a deep love and affinity for, all things Monticello, Williamsburg, and Thomas Jefferson related.

I will never forget you holding my hand, from far away, when I moved to that other country called, Texas.

Parentexting Tuesday...BEST blog post out there to date.  Will it ever evolve into Grandparentexting Tuesday???

Clapping for joy with me when I came back to Virginia.

For always loving me and for being there, whether I was needing it or not.

I love how I can make you laugh and frustrated at the same never, ever, stopped loving me and that is what a "real mama" should do.

I love how you trust my weather predictions...and we each see the magical beauty in snow.

I am so grateful and thankful to God for guiding me to your blog three years have forever enriched my life and I thank you profusely.

You taught me the word, Gah!

I aspire to be a woman like you.  You have taught me so much and I am eager to keep learning from you.

Audrey changed my world forever and I got major love fo' ya.  I consider you to be a "stick girl" and those I can count on one hand.  Seriously.  If you ever need me, call me...I'll be there.

This is Home Girl and I raise a glass of Chardonnay in honor of Mental Pause Mama and your blog.  Here's to three more years!


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LL Cool Joe said...

Cute post. I found your blog through Mental P Mama's blog! So I have something to be thankful about too!

Mental P Mama said...

Good. Grief. Am I ever are something else, my dear! And some of this is actually true....most of it is way overboard. Hugs to you xo, and here's to a wonderful 2011!

Unknown said... maybe you DON'T trust my weather predictions....I will give you that one.