Monday, January 3, 2011

Best Face of 2010 at iheartfaces

I have absolutely no clue as to the rules for iheartfaces, but I promised myself I would get out there and jump into learning.  So here it goes.

Picking one photo to be the Best Face of 2010 is very easy for me.  It's a shot I took recently when he wasn't's my Russia, my love.

Russia isn't a fan of having his picture taken but through his love for me, he tolerates my constant picture taking.

He doesn't bat an eye anymore when I take food porn photos in restaurants.

He instinctively understands that my camera and her charged battery go

He doesn't worry when he turns around and I am no where to be found...because I have aimlessly walked off in search of a shot that has peaked my interest.

He will sit and look at all my photos after I am done processing them.  I smile when he lingers on the one's of himself.

I love him with all my heart and I know without a doubt that he loves me, too.

This is Home Girl and I heart this face.


Morgan Ramirez said...

Love is wonderful! Good luck in the contest!Love your blog btw!

LL Cool Joe said...

Nice cap! :D

Unknown said...

He is so handsome. He looks like he is 10. Boys age so well. Darn them : ) I am glad you entered. It is so much fun over there.