Sunday, January 9, 2011

Since The Holidays Are Over...

it's time to get ready for Valentines Day!  I know, I hear you moaning and getting ready to click off this post, but hold up...just wait a minute.  Give me a chance to explain, please.

Since most of you, not all, are experiencing brutally cold temperatures, snow, ice, or a combination of the three...then I am most positive that you can use a smile.  Right?  Right.

To me, Valentines Day has less to do with romance and relationships than it has to do with my love for all things red...and well, if I have to be honest...chocolate.

This past weekend, while Russia and I were out and about for First Friday Festivities in Olde Towne (for those that don't know, Olde Towne hosts First Friday and First Saturday each month with special events, restaurant and pub crawls, art shows, music, and assorted other fun activities).  All the shop windows were still sparkly, but now dressed in their various shades of red for the coming of Saint Valentines.

It made me really happy.

Of course, I do not expect you to hop on your favorite mode of transportation and bestow yourself upon this quaint sea village that I adore, although I and the city would definitely welcome you.  You can do the same thing all by yourself.

Decorate a little bit...not much.  Take a glass bowl and put all your red holiday ball ornaments into it.  Fill another bowl with red and silver kisses.  Just a little sign here and there will be enough to keep a smile on your face.  February is also Heart Health month, so you can always celebrate that if you so choose.

Was it a resolution to get "just a little" crafty??  Now is a great time to start.  There is a terrific blog tour going on which is featuring some easy and wonderfully happy craft ideas specifically for Cupid and all his pals.  All you have to do is click on the link below and you will be off learning how to make fabric hearts so you can turn your holiday tree into a Valentines Day tree.

Be Mine Blog Tour "

Or you can just wimp out and not do anything...yeah, you heard me.  I said wimp.

I told Russia recently when he went to take his college placement tests for the upcoming semester that "Everyone has got to start somewhere".   (I am just so excited for him!!)

This is Home Girl and I send you a happy heart today.


T said...

sigh…just lovely.

And I do want to just hop down there…...

LL Cool Joe said...

You've given me an idea for a piece of artwork!

Can't see me doing all the lovey dovey stuff though!

Michael Wurm Jr said...

is it just me or do the holidays come and go so quickly anymore. seems like we didn't even have christmas.

oh well... til next year!

West Side of Straight said...

Oh, I want to be there too, and go shop hopping with you. The windows and shop you showed looks wonderful. Want to visit it!!!!!!
Yes, I'll have to do a little red decorating, as it is easy to do. Thanks for the inspiration ~ ~ jo