Thursday, February 10, 2011

This and That Thursday by Mental Pause Mama

~It snowed for what is likely the last time this year, and it's okay and all, but even I am over it.  Come on Spring!

~Gender has nothing to do with love and marriage.

~My favorite food experience this week is Key Lime Cheesecake with Strawberries.  Oh yeah.

~I don't know how I feel about my hair, right now.

~It's pink.

~It's pink, like remember Pink's hair when it was pink.  I love the cut though.  I might have to get some darker layers put in to find a happy medium, but the cut is awesome.

~I am wondering how close the wedding venue will be to Red Velvet Cupcakes in Downtown D.C. and if Russia and I can sneak down there and get back without anyone noticing.  Hmmm.

~Russia and I have the same mutual attraction to designer cupcakes.

~Have you ever had Sweet Dreams, Chocolate Caramel Covered Popcorn???  I had a cupcake moment after eating this tempting treat.  Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake with Caramel Creme that has been dipped in Chocolate Ganache (or Chocolate Shell) and sprinkled with the Chocolate Caramel Covered Popcorn.  Sweet and Salty and Chocolaty and Yummy.

~I seem to have cupcake moments a lot.

This is Home Girl asking...What would be your cupcake moment??


Laura~peach~ said...

i am a weirdo... i like plain... butter cake types really moist no icing :)

Mental P Mama said...

Wait. Pink?

Maddy said...

Pink?? Was that intentional? I have to see this :) Post pictures please!

abb said...

Where's the photo of the pink hair????

So with you on thoughts of spring. Much as I LOVE all things winter, it's gettin' old.

So SO with you on that gender thingy!

shrink on the couch said...

My recent cupcake moments feel like crumbs on the floor compared to yours! Wow, Chocolate Fudge Cake and Key Lime Cheesecake? Oh mama. I might just have to do some baking this weekend!

And this- Gender has nothing to do with love and marriage. Thank you for being one of the sane, rational, and compassionate people in this world.

LL Cool Joe said...

Yep amen to your gender statement. Gender really has very little do with a anything although society will tell you otherwise.

I want to see the pink hair!

April said...

C'mon, now, off those pink locks of yours! Oh, I'm ALWAYS having a cupcake never goes away! :)

Sure wish I could figure out how to enlarge my pictures like yours on my blog? I've tried and tried to figure it out, but nothing makes any sense! UGH!

Leave a Legacy said...

I also love Pink's hair. Is that what your's looks like? Show a picture.
Also love cupcakes. DIL just made some chocolate ones with cream cheese and chocolate chip centers! To Die For!!

Bluebird49 said...

Great photos!
I guess my favorite cupake experience is making plain boxed mix ones with my kids and letting them do the sprinkles on top of the canned frosting. What?! I did not have the time to do from scratch back then.

Don't know how I feel about my hair either. The color is salt and pepper gray--and that's ok--it's the new freaking cut--she cut it too short--like always. It is why I don't go and get it cut very often. The thing is--I guess it'll grow back out-it always has. So far....
Get Russia to take a picture of your hair!