Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'm Bringing Sexy Back

I have been wanting to do this set of cookies since this time last year.  I could sit and design themed dessert sets for hours.  They consume my brain, at times.  I walk around with what is known as "Cookie Brain" and I will see cookies in every aspect of my life.  It might be in a fabric that has my visual senses whirling or it could be in a shop or restaurant...even photos I see on social media sites will inspire me.

I am completely attached to black and red as a color combination.  To me, it's crisp, it's a little's just "plain, damn, sexy."

Come on, admit it...we all have a little bit of a bad bitch in us.  If you didn't, you wouldn't keep on coming back to read me.  You know "Home Girl" tells it like it is, that's why.

So, I'll say it for you...Be your bad ass sexy self whether it's with someone else or by yourself.  As an introvert, I can appreciate both sides of the fence.  Sometimes I enjoy people, but most times I don't.
Valentine's Day, for me, is more than a couples holiday.  It's not about having someone to be the love of your's about loving yourself and respecting the sexiness that ensues from that.

Yes, I'm telling you that if you start loving yourself first and foremost...the sexiness just happens.

Be strong, confident, classy, and have your own passions in life.

Be a little edgy.  Try new things.  Get some Black and Red in your life.

Don't be scurred....

This is Home Girl wishing you a wonderful St. Valentine's Day.  Know you are loved.  

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LL Cool Joe said...

Love the cookies. They are brilliant. Not so convinced by this new song by Justin Timberlake. ;)