Thursday, April 29, 2010

They're Never Mean at Angry Adam's!

There is a very special star shining in Olde Towne and it can be found glowing brightly over Angry Adam's Wine and Cheese Spot located at 501 High Street in Portsmouth, Virgina. Owned and created by two vibrant and creative souls who ooze enthusiasm for the finer points in life, Angry Adam's offers more than just the usual wine shop. They feed one's soul with the best the world has to offer in the way of "vin and fromage".

"Walking down High Street one evening, Adam and Randy thought it would be nice to head home and enjoy some wine and cheese on the patio. They noticed, however, that there wasn’t a place to pop in to grab a bottle or two of good wine and some delicious cheeses. Until now...In June of 2009, Adam and Randy opened Angry Adam’s Wine and Cheese Spot. Named after Adam’s alter-ego (when he doesn’t have fine wine and great cheese at his disposal), the shop is the perfect place to pick up everything you need to compliment a meal, host a tasting or just enjoy a glass of wine on your porch." (from the Angry Adam's website)

When going to visit Angry Adam's Wine and Cheese Spot for their weekly wine tastings or to pick up perfectly made sandwiches for a walk and picnic through Olde Towne, it always feels like I am visiting good friends. It brings a smile to my face. It makes sunshine on a dreary day. Randy and Adam are true ambassadors of happiness. I believe that is the biggest component of a successful retail venture. I "could" purchase many of these items at other vendors, but what makes me "want" to keep to on coming back runs deep in faithfulness. I honestly feel like I'm cheating on a relationship if I were to stray....and I don't cheat on the loves in my life.

At a recent tasting, Adam was showcasing wines from PKNT (pronounced "picante") hail from the stunning country of Chile. Adam is a knowledgeable wine educator and possesses a deep love and affinity for all things wine. He offers pairings of meal ideas and entices one to step out of a comfort zone to experience new tastes. On this evening, I tried the Carmenere and the Chardonnay. True to my wine steward's opinion, I was not disappointed.

The Carmenere is "a unique Chilean wine that is almost black in color, with hints of exotic spices and a long velvety finish. Ideal with Mexican or spicy food." I was surprised at how much I loved this particular wine. I had never had a Carmenere before and I will definitely be having it again. I imagine a summer evening making Carne Asada on the grill enjoying the warm air and maybe a breeze off the river.
Typically, I am not a huge fan of Chardonnay. I know....I hear you moaning, but I'm not...never have I been, but this selection..."had me at hello". "Ripe pineapple and tropical fruit flavors mingle in this soft, full-bodied wine. Ideal on it's own or with smoked salmon." Yes, I finally found the perfect glass of loveliness to end an evening where my nerves are shot and I want to a princess.

Just when my love affair has begun with the wine and beer selection alone, do I spy this jewel at the rear of the shop. What? Do I see cheese? Do we all know how I feel about all things made from milk or cream...i.e. butter? Hello? I love cheese almost as much as I love bacon...well, maybe even more. There are also fresh made sandwiches such as The Angry Adam, The Spawn, The Bovine, amongst others. Sandwich specials are the highlight of my week. These super priced sammies come with fresh fruit and a dessert. This happens to be one of the "inside Olde Towne" secrets amongst the locals. True Life.
So, if you're able please stop in and say hello to everyone at Angry Adam's. You will never forget the experience. I personally guarantee it. If you aren't local or planning a visit to this magically historic place, where is it that you shop where you feel like you are "home"? For me, it's here.
This is Living in Olde Towne, where every day is a new adventure.


Mental P Mama said...

Want them to open a shop up here!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Insomnia and hunger! I want a snadwich.......NOW. You may come and stay at my park any time, my dear! I formed an unlikely friendship with a wonderful young man living in a tent last year while he worked on the pipeline. We keep in touch. He and I cooked some wonderful meals together and he was a good sounding board. I was able to share a lot about my son. It was ironic that I was delving into that tortured relationship, trying to come to a better understanding of my son at that particular time. His death was made a little easier, I think, by my friend's insight. Life is funny, don't you think?

Marlene said...

Oh yummy!!!! I could so go for a glass of wine right now. (But I won't since it's almost 1 a.m. and I'll end up with heartburn...ick.)


Wine cheese oh my... The name of their shop makes me happy! Oh and sorry about the recipe I never put them because there is soo many on line I figure no one cares! Glad to be back enjoying your great blog!

Suz Broughton said...

I love that! Ambassadors of happiness.