Thursday, August 5, 2010

This and That Thursday by Mental Pause Mama

I wish Rob Dyrdek and Bam Margera would combine to do a series called "Havoc and Mayhem"...I have a feeling they would make me laugh, a lot.

I somehow feel a kindred spirit to Bam's mother, April (aka Ape).

While watching "Kate Plus 8" last night on TLC, I found myself liking her more. Put a power hose in the hands of a scorned woman and see how much gumption she suddenly gets.

Football season really makes me miss my father.

ACC football, particularly UVa football, is still my very favorite.

MSN reported on 28 Things Men Don't Know About Women...I know that number is way higher...more like 14, 823, 561, if not more.

Women are beer snobs? Duh!

Why isn't "Copy and Paste" working in Blogger? This irritates the crap out of me.

I think that if Whoopi Goldberg had "really" hit someone, we would all know about it. Ms. Salahi has a very vivid that invitiation to the White House State Dinner she once received. Get a grip, chick.

My Russia and I try to go swimming as much as possible since we are both serious water babies. He plays lots of practical jokes on me for which I try to retaliate. I am devising a master plan to thwart his efforts. It may involve glue and glitter. It's not going very well.


This is Home Girl and I love weather more than anything.


Mental P Mama said...

I love Whoopi. Kate? Notsoverymuch

LL Cool Joe said...

Hey, I couldn't ignore another rap lover! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'll be back!