Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday, Monday

I love Mondays. They are so new and fresh, like crisp cotton sheets right out of the dryer. Fridays are fun and cheery, but by the time you get through to Sunday, the week is just worn out. Done, Gonzo, Over With. I was so exhausted last night. I fell into bed early. I slept like a rock. It was so needed and enjoyed.

This week will be packed with locating employment and continuing to settle in. It can take some time to readjust. I have wine totes that need to be cut out and stitched. They are the cutest things I have seen in a while. I wish I could share a photo with you all, but I do not have a camera right now. I know that makes you sad, but it makes me more sad. I adore shooting photos and being in a place where there are lots of images to makes me even more sad...but, this too shall pass. God, will make way for an even better camera.

Sometimes you have to let go of possessions in order to make it and that is what happened in the case of my little camera.

If I had a camera, I would go down and shoot the tall ships. Schooner Days is this coming weekend in Olde Towne. More than 40 schooner rigged vessels will be on the AICW (Atlantic Inter Coastal Waterway at the Elizabeth River Mile Marker O. The shores and the stores will be a happening place. The beauty of the tall ships will astound, I am sure.

I would love to give walking tours through Olde Towne from different perspectives. There are at least 4 different views that come directly to mind, as I type. There is the Colonial Virginia/historical take on Olde Towne. The Nautical/Maritime View. The Artistic View. The Foodie Paradise View. For a nominal fee, I would be able to provide an insider's look into what makes this area so special. Share all points of interest from a vantage point few obtain. I might even pair restaurants with different interests so the walk includes some of the best dining found anywhere. Morning, afternoon, and evening tours are available.

I need a job, can you tell?

My services are available.

This is Home Girl and I just love the fresh start a Monday can give.


Suzan Oxenreider said...

I have an extra digital camera if you want it...nothing jazzy but it takes photos!

So glad you are back in Virginia. Seriously, a shore bird just can't live on the plains!

Mental P Mama said...

Sending lots of good vibes...on all fronts!

CPA Mom said...

There IS such a business in Virginia could do it in Portsmouth!