Sunday, October 10, 2010

Something Refreshing

I was just out enjoying the afternoon in Olde Towne, walking with my love in the sunshine, feeling the warmth for these last few days before Fall grasps hold of us. We have had such a wonderfully peaceful and relaxing weekend...time spent with friends, enjoyable reminders that God is my cruise ship director, we really loved our weekend. The walk in the park was just a perfect way to segway into the week. A week filled with finding jobs and making things happen. Prayers for us are welcome and greatly appreciated.

While we were walking, we stopped at our favorite benches for a moment to watch Olde Towne as she lives and breathes through the souls of her people. I have spent many times on the benches in thought, in prayer, in hellos and goodbyes, and have relished every second. There have been rousing games of Corn Hole near these benches, building of snowmen during our recent winter storm; the benches are very special to me.

As we sat on the benches, we heard the commotion of a large group of people. All were dressed in casual, but nice Sunday afternoon brunch attire. Laughing and giggles were booming through the park. We watched to see what was going on...were they drunk? Fighting? My first instinct was to run in the opposite direction, because after what we went through...Marlene doesn't do crazy anymore, fo' real. But nothing in my gut told me to run...I felt safe, and realized there was a smile stretched across my face as they ran, laughed, and clapped their hand's. One of the non-running participant's was busy taking photos.

It made me smile and proved once again...I love where I live. It has a special magic to it.

This large group of adults...they were playing a children's game of tag. One by one, they each would be "it" running around the jungle gym and slides until they caught someone. We laughed and giggled right along with them. It was sweet. It was refreshing. These people had it right. They knew that loving the hell out of life and enjoying every second of it is the key to happiness.

This is HOME girl and my heart sings for those who have the heart of a child.

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Mental P Mama said...

...and I remain happy that you are happy where you are;)