Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Secret Garden

I have always been rather fond of secret places...little coves where I could be alone.  I remember as a child, that I preferred to play behind the sofa, as it backed up to a wall and made a nice hideaway.  I remember spending countless hours in the depths of this serene space.  It made me feel safe, I suppose.

Once, my older sister made me a hide-out area in a closet.  It had these long, plastic jewels hanging down in the door way.  They made a sweet noise when moved like a swishing sound.  In an "autistic like" way, these places made me calm.  I learned at such a tender age, that solitude and small spaces created comfort for me.

I am still like this today, somewhat.  I need or crave space away from everyone and everything in order to recharge my own mental battery.  Living in Olde Towne affords me to see the beauty around me from a much different perspective than most.  I am able to find spaces where I can just be...alone and quiet.

No one else, but me.  In solitude.  Quietness.

This is one of the very special places that I go to when I need to refresh my brain.  It's lovely and quaint.  It rumors of lavender and pine.  The birds chirp.  The light wind rustles the leaves.  You can hear the Earth breath here.  It does my heart good.  I take in a deep breath and I exhale.  I smile.

There is so much to see in this special place I know.  I can picture beautifully draped tables in floral chintz, with cotton linen napkins, the daintiest silver settings, and crystal goblets set next to bone china tea settings.  I dream of long, leisurely tea parties here in my secret garden.

There is an actual crystal chandelier hanging from a tree in this glorious little hideaway.  I have a photo of it and it is so beautiful, but I have had some issues learning Mac OS and until, I go take another photo of this incredible outdoor lighting fixture, you will have to take my word for it.  It is stunning.

This is Home Girl and I love my little secret garden.  Do you have somewhere special you go to recharge your battery?


Kathy's Klothesline said...

I treasure my alone time and am comfortable with my own self. As a small child I could entertain myself and had an old armchair that was rather deep (or maybe it felt that way because I was a little girl), I would take the seat cushion out and burrow down in the chair with the cushion propped against the front of the chair. Nowadays I choose the early morning to stroll my gardens without having to interact with others.

Mental P Mama said...

I love secret little hideaway places. And once I get there, I almost always have to pee. Why is that???

gigs from home said...

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