Saturday, November 27, 2010

This and That on a Saturday

UVA needs to beat Virginia Tech today...not that it'll probably happen, but it would make an excellent ending to their "so so" season.  I mean, you beat Miami, so beat Tech, okay?  I have my UVa hoodie on and everything.

Some parents really need to spend more time in home training their children on proper table etiquette so that when "these parents" take "these children" to upscale dining establishments, they do not act like rabid monsters.

I had my very first Woodchuck Hard Cider last night.  I had the Granny Smith Apple on draft and I paired it with pit cooked, pulled pork barbecue.  It was divine.

This morning I am having a hot raspberry tea.  It is also yummy and warm.  It is not warm outside, although the sun is out.

I am starting to itch for snow.  I can feel it.

The boys and I will be putting up this humongous Christmas tree up in the front living room, which should not be confused with the back living room.  I am thinking about making one of those fabric banners for the fire place that is in this room, which should not be confused with the other two fire places on the first floor.

There will be no use of tinsel this year.  I used enough last year to pay for a small country.  I still relish in the vindictiveness that I ensued from that sparkle event.

I get to have some "Bestie Love" tomorrow.  I love it when I get to spend quality time with my Joyful and my God babies!

I love it when Russia and I have these romantic "walk and talks" through Olde Towne together.  They mean so much to me...especially when they end with hot chocolate and a warm cookie.

I am getting excited for "my other bestie".  Her husband serves in the United States Navy and is returning in December from their first married deployment.  I know the roller coaster of emotions she is on, but I know she is gaining excitement with each and every passing day.  They are going on a two week snow boarding adventure to Oregon upon his return.  She's my physical inspiration.  Myzz runs marathons and is training for triathlons.  She is a beast.

I am really feeling the Christmas spirit.  Are you?

This is Home Girl and I love the twinkling of holiday lights.


Suzan Oxenreider said...

As soon as I get out from under everything I have on my plate, THEN I will find some Christmas spirit!

Mental P Mama said...

So in the spirit here! UVA still rocks...we all know that;) And cannot wait for the picks of the tree!

April said...

I'm trying to get in the Christmas spirit, little by little. As soon as my in-laws left, I put up the tree and got the house decorated inside and out. But, I'm POOPED!

Sarah said...

Your photos made me long for a twinkling tree with lots of tinsel! Thanks for the visuals!