Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Overload

I hope you all are having a great holiday, long weekend, weekend, just about whatever it is that you might be doing right about now.

I have to go to work today,  I don't mind one bit.  It's a rainy kinda day and I need to go work off a few plates of Thanksgiving goodness serving incredible Italian food to those who are out shopping in the Black Friday Madness.

I had such a wonderful day yesterday.  Russia and I shared the day with his family and it all began here...on the boardwalk in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  This photo is looking North towards the King Neptune Monument.  It was brisk and a little windy, but a lovely day to walk a bit after a huge feast of traditional and non traditional favorites.

Looking South towards the Virginia Beach Pier.  The beach is all decorated for the Holiday Lights Festival where you drive down the boardwalk in your own vehicle looking at the lighted displays.  There was nary a soul out there, but we enjoyed it all just the same.

After feast number 1, we went to Russia's grandmother's home to visit for a bit longer.  She lives in an English Tudor home that was constructed in 1910.  It sits here on the water behind this great big tree on the Elizabeth River.

Feast number 2 was equally as wonderful in Chesapeake, Virginia...just a short car ride away.  We ate until we could not eat any more...I don't think any of us made it to dessert course all day because we were so full.  It was really a fun and love filled day.

After all the feasts, the boys (Russia and Monster), their father, and I went to see Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows...AGAIN.  I am a HP fanatic as is everyone else in the family, so we all agreed it was worth seeing again.  There were only a dozen people in the theater.  We sat in the middle of the balcony all by ourselves.  I might have to admit seeing it again was even better than the first time!!!  After the movie was over, Russia and I strolled the quiet and empty streets of Olde Towne...stopping at The Winter Wonderland at the Courthouse Museum.  This is a very special exhibit featuring some of The Colman Nursery Christmas displays from so many years ago.

I just love this particular photo.  I think it's beautiful.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

This is Home Girl and I don't want turkey for a while.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

looks and sounds fun! happy day after :)

tara said...

Sounds like you all had a great day.
Yah, I am turkeyed out too. Until Christmas that is.

Tracey9AD said...

happy belated Thanksgiving to you and yours! Sounds like a perfect day!

Mental P Mama said...

Yayyyy! Beautiful shots;)

Sarah said...

So glad you enjoyed yourself! :)

(I couldn't find you on Facebook tonight. :( Click the link on my page & try to find me. Thanks dear!)


CPA Mom said...

I miss Coleman's. It's just not the same.