Thursday, November 4, 2010

This and That Thursday by Mental Pause Mama

It rained yesterday.  That usually mean a slow day in a restaurant, but not for me.  We were super busy and it would. not. stop.  That's a good thing for money, but not so good when you can not even take a break to go to the bathroom or something.  It does make the day fly by though.  My knees are completely disagreeing with me.

It's going to rain again today.

It will be at least another week before my knees are talking to me again.  They are really not happy that the restaurant's kitchen is upstairs from the dining room.

You read that right...the kitchen is upstairs from the dining room.  Our store is in an old Savings and Loan building.  It is the coolest thing ever.  The original bank vault is still there and operational.

The food is amazing.  I will have some photos to share with you soon.  Neo-classical Italian or Nouveau Italian main fare, but authentic New York / Sicialian Style, hand tossed, pizza cooked in a tiled pizza oven.  The toppings are varied and unusual.   Ever had a duck con fit pizza?  Eggplant Rollitos?  Spinach and Ricotta Empanada's?

The newest Harry Potter movie starts on November 19th.  Can't wait!

Have you ever had a Barbecue Pizza?  I have.  It makes me laugh because it is named a Texas Pizza on the menu, but having been in Texas recently, I "know" barbecue means "beef", not honey glazed, pulled pork tenderloin, which is what ours is.  I think a name change is in order.

I am working my way through the Olde Towne Dessert Menu's.  There are more than 40 restaurants in a 2 mile radius, no franchised stores...I felt it was my personal quest to try them all.  Last night, I had an apple cobbler, baked hot with oatmeal crumbs buttery and crispy on top.  There was this sublime Frangelica and Caramel sauce and cream.  Yes, there was.  I think it will be one of my winter time favorites.

I may even be able to copy cat this dish and present you with a recipe.  It will require more testing.  It would be my honor to do this for you.

This is Home Girl, wishing you a happy Thursday!


Mental P Mama said...

I so hear you on the Texas barbecue thing. And, I think you need some Advil, Missy! Cannot wait for the pictures!

April said...

Do you ever sit still? I don't think so!:) Wishing you all the success you're so deserving of! I can hardly wait to see the new Harry Potter flick!

abb said...

Eventually your knees will thank you for getting them in such good shape what with climbing all those stairs!

Word Verification: fulat But be careful of those stairs 'cause if you trip you will fall ~fulat~ on your face!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I need the recipe, so hurry and do some testing, my dear! We had a bumper crop of apples again this year. I altered a Paula Deen apple cake recipe and made 'muffins' for my hungry campers. Maybe a single size cobbler .........

Unknown said...

Stop it right this second about those delicious pizza toppings. Scrumptious!

Your dessert quest sounds delightful!

LL Cool Joe said...

The kitchen and the dining room are on different floors?? That sounds like fun! Not!

Jennifer said...

I can hardly wait to see the new Harry Potter flick!