Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Woes of A Winter Snow Storm

I often forget there is a negative side to having a big snow storm come through your neck of the woods.  It reminds me of giving birth to a child, it hurts like heck and you swear you will never do it again and then you hold a baby and...well, the rest is history.  That's the same thing that happens with me and snow.  It's pretty coming down and then the quiet stillness of it at night...the pretty sights and then somehow a few days later, you feel like maybe this wasn't such a fun thought after all.

See the various hats, gloves, and assorted winter garb stacked around the headlines from the local Tidewater paper.  It says "buried" in case you did not read it correctly.  That's right, this area of Virginia received more snow on December 26th than it has in more than 20 years.  I also heard this storm was the third strongest on record.

The jackets hung on chairs in hopes of getting dry.  "All this hoopla over some snow", says Benjamin Franklin.

More shoes lined up in the mud room.  

Hats and scarves corralled in the bin waiting for the next time someone has to venture out into the great white.

Blankets, comforters, snugglies, and pillows are piled high into a chair.  Waiting for the next victim of the frozen outside to come in need of warmth.

"Okay, whose big idea was this anyway?"  I am standing in fear and horror trying to gain the courage to go down the "stairs of death".  At this point, these stairs are nothing but ice.  Dangerous and scary, I tell you, but ya know what makes me come back to the bright side and know this was so very worth it?

When I trapse across the frozen walkway sliding and nearly killing myself....do you want to know what reminds me "why I crave snow"???

I get scenes like this to etch into my brain.  I know how truly blessed I really am.  

This is Home Girl and it's all good with me.


abb said...

Right there with ya! With all the down side, I just love snow!

WV: whinsms: My love of snow falls somewhere between whimsy and whining. I call is Whinsms. ;-)

Unknown said...

It really is exquisite, isn't it?
Hope you had a wonder filled Christmas.

Love, becky

Anonymous said...

Now see... if you were in TX, you wouldn't have had all these pictures to post!! lol

The last pic is something in books, girl!

Jan Maree said...

Sending you warm thoughts from over here in Sunny No Snow Sydney and I know just what you mean - it can be awfully inconvenient all that white stuff but it sure is pretty! Stay safe and warm.

Suzan Oxenreider said...

Yeah - you get 14" and we get nada. OK, a dusting...but still! My youngest was here and they couldn't believe they were missing a white Christmas in Chesapeake!

Sarah said...

You are too funny, honey! We here in WI say "its only 20 inches" and then have roads cleared in 24 hours! We love snow! :) xoxo