Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wine Glasses Deserve New Clothes Too

I woke up this morning in a mental fog which is not so different than the usual morning, but it's just so wet, and nasty outside, that it makes me want to go back to bed...under my piles of quilts and snuggles, buried down deep in my five pillows.

Those five pillows do not include the one that belongs to my love.  Yes, I allowed him at least one.  Since our one year anniversary is quickly approaching, I might be nice and increase his pillow allowance by one.  I said, "I might".

I had some "cowboy coffee" because I wasn't going to venture out in sleet to go to the corner coffee shop and the whole coffee machine issue is still a problem.  Long story.  Might be a blog post one day soon though.

Cowboy coffee is not that bad.  It's actually stronger than normal "home brewed" java, but deeper...more flavorful.  The flavor of my coffee seems to bloom.

I now feel like I can conquer a busy day without succumbing to the desire to take a nap.  I have to finish an order for my local wine shop buddies.

I was searching for quick and easy "something" for Valentine's decorations and somehow I found Wine Glass Cozies.  I looked at all the available patterns and tutorials, found one that sparked my interest and made it.

Isn't that so cute and functional?  You pop one of these heavy weight dresses on your wine glass and then you (a) always know which wine glass is yours and (b) it's a coaster!!

They take five 5" squares of fabric...also known in the fabric world as Charm Squares or Quilter's Square Cuts.  I have this "thing" for Charm Squares, just so ya know.  I like the weight of these Wine Glass Dresses.  They have a high quality feel to them while still being hand-made.

One thing led to another and Bing Badda Bang...I made a lot of them.  I also made them with some Amy Butler fabrics for that whole Pottery Barn/Ikea look, but haven't taken photos of those.  Sorry. Shoot me now.

This is Home Girl and I am happy I could help Wine Glasses feel better about their fashion crisis.  I felt it was my duty.


SZM said...

Oh, how precious!

Bluebird49 said...

Love these things--don't drink wine, (never could acquire a taste for it--probably just as well!lol) but my son and his wife do. Maybe I could do something like that by next Christmas-it would take me that long to make 2, I'm sure! If I can find my old sewing machine underneath the junk I thought I was going to "mend". These sound and look more fun.

Gretchen said...

Super cute & functional! Bet you could sell those at a local shop.