Thursday, May 24, 2012

This and That Thursday

Why is it that this is the only day, that I really enjoy writing on?  Is it because I can be random and write run on sentences and not let grammar matter?  Is it because I can dump all the crap that is stuck in my head without fear of digression?

There's a little secret that I have to share.

I have been cheating on Blogger with another platform.  Yes, it's true.

I am not ready to share where because it's kinda nice to have a place all to myself where I can be alone, but it is the coolest of cool platforms, if that gives you any hint.

It's like Pinterest and Blogger, all rolled into one place....and I like it.  All the cool kids are there.

I got these absolutely amazing shoes yesterday.  These are the Nike Shox Turbo+ 12 running shoes and I completely adore them.  I have always been a bobo sneaker type person.  It goes back to my obsession with Keds Tennis Shoes from the early 80's.  I use to think that running shoes were just for runners.  I never thought that a shoe like this could actually make me want to move more, but it's true.

I love them.

Hydrangea's are blooming all over Olde Towne.

It makes me smile.

They are my favorite of floral blooms in the floral bloom sphere.

I once got yelled at for taking a stem last year.  This lady saw me do it, and she was like..."OMG!  She just picked one of Faye's Hydrangea flowers!!!"  "We need to tell on her."

I gave her one of my "WTF? Really?" looks and left.  (There is totally a WTF? Really? know you know it, too.)

It was ONE bloom and I needed it for design purposes.

Some people just kill me.  It wasn't like I uprooted the whole bush or anything...

I could have totally done that too...but, I didn't.

I went out with one of my favorite Stick Girls last week and we dined outside at Doumar's Drive In in Norfolk, Virginia.

It's a pretty historic eating establishment.

Guy at there.

I always get a Carolina Pulled Pork Barbecue, with slaw and hot sauce (I put that shit on everything) on a steamed bun.

There is always a large Lime-Aide and crisp french fries to round out the experience.

Some days, I get to end it like this....

This is a Hot Fudge Cake Sundae.  It's buttery vanilla sponge cake, covered in a mound of rich, thick hot fudge sauce, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and COVERED in whip cream and a cherry on top.

There really isn't any other way to eat a Sundae, except drenched in whip cream.

Cool Whip is not whipped cream.  (I just thought I'd clarify that.)

This is Home Girl and I feel better about my affair now that the truth is out.  Tumblr is the shit.  Sorry, Blogger.

Also, I am glad I have the running shoes help to combat my food choices.

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