Thursday, May 10, 2012

This and That Thursday

These are the things that I am pondering today.  Some of them I think about at a deeper level than others.

Porch Sittin' in Park Place

1.  Passive Aggressive behavior and those that do not have enough balls to say exactly what they mean.  I am for the most part, a literalist.  I work in concrete terms.  Don't worry I can't handle what you have to say.  I can.  I understand the English language at a very high level.

2.  My horoscope for the day is:  Names have power.  There's something you've been experiencing as a vague cloud of emotion.  If you can put a name on your feelings, you can release them and transform your energy.

3.  Passive Aggressive Ass's that for a name?  There, I released the emotion and feel so much better about it.

4.  I am making a Boob Cake and Boobie Cookies for a client.  It will say, "29 is the Tits".  I love it when my clients let me help them share their sense of humor.  This is a clear example of someone who does not suffer from passive aggressiveness.  Say what you mean.

5.  I am completely addicted to Karmin right now.  She is so awesome.

6.  I am also a HUGE fan of Jenna Marbles.  She is a Vlogger and puts out the best videos once a week about different topics that affect us all.  She also does not suffer from being Passive Aggressive.  She really tells it like it is.

I believe that every girl needs to watch this video.  Real talk (with a few bad words) on how women end up so screwed in the head.  It's Disney's fault.

In fact, you should watch all her videos and then you might understand me a little bit more.  Jenna and I could be the same person.  I completely get her.

7.  I am not a huge fan of Mother's Day.  I don't really know if that concept will change for me this year.  I am sure it will later on in life, but who guarantees that we will have more to celebrate?  I certainly don't.

8.  Chicken, Rice, and Country Gravy is the shit.  It can cheer me up out of the worst mood ever.

9.  My $1 Flippies (Flip Flops) have outlasted the one's that cost $27.  What's up with that??

10.  I am secretly addicted to playing Slingo on that social network site otherwise known as Face Crack.  Today, I won 2 extra balls.  It was my life force telling me something.

This is Home Girl and I am a straight shooter with a very good aim.


Andi said...

You are awesome ;)

Sarah said...

Love it! Gonna check out her vlogs!

Sarah @ Thinfluenced