Monday, August 12, 2013

Paleo: What I Hunt and Gather

Happy Monday Everyone!  I love Mondays.  It's a shiny new week and the chance to make some great changes in your life.  I mean, sure if you are a big fan of any of the other days of the week, that's awesome's just for me, I can implement changes better if they happen on a dedicated day.  For me, that's always been Monday.

The 10th of the Month is always important to me now.  It's the day of my monthly comparison photos after making this whole Paleo Lifestyle change.  I have learned to not rely on a scale to decide how much progress I am making towards gaining health and wellness.  I am more of a visual person.  It is what works for me.

As of this past Saturday, I have lost 73.8 pounds and have dropped 10 sizes since April 28, 2013.  I have lost countless inches and have gained so much of my health back.  It truly amazes me.  I am forever grateful to those who have helped guide me and be there for me as I re-educated myself about nutrition and learning the principles of a Paleo Lifestyle.

If you are just starting out with Paleo or are thinking this might be something that you want to try, I am whole heartedly behind you!  I not only want to be an example of what can happen, but to help guide people through the first month because it can be daunting.  You will need to do lots of research, you will make lists, you will be confused...I understand all that because I was once at that place.  I was just learning how to get through a day like a toddler taking his first steps.

I'm not gonna lie...that first week was HARD, but I got through it.  You will, too.

Thinking back to the beginning of Paleo for me (3.5 short months ago), I remember eating a lot of grilled chicken breast, bacon and eggs, stir fried meats, vegetables and some fruit.  As I became more comfortable with the "cans and cannots" of a Paleo Lifestyle, I slowly added in more and more nutrient rich foods to my daily repertoire.  I was learning.

Learning is good for you.  It makes you more responsible for your own success.  It gives you accountability and honestly you will need that mind frame for your own journey.

What Does My Plate Look Like?

Look at this example from Fit Bomb DOT com (great site, by the way).  It's broken up into two halves. This is how I eat literally every meal.  This is how I think....this is how I get the results above.

Meat/Protein and Vegetables

There is no weighing portions or counting calories.  I eat until I am full.  Some meals I eat more than others, but that depends on my physical activity level or my hormone levels.  I eat to fuel my engine.  Pretty simple.

Breakfast Selections include: Eggs, Avocado, Bacon, Sausage, Beef Steak, Paleo "cereal" with Almond or Coconut Milk, Bulletproof Coffee, Dinner from the night before, sauteed spinach or other greens, or a Kale/Berry Smoothie.

If I am hungry for lunch (which I never am) I might make Turkey or Chicken Roll Ups on Crisp Romaine, a fresh salad with chicken or tuna crumbles and a Paleo Dressing that I make, a bun free burger, or I just nibble out of my garden.

Big Point Here, Peeps....I only eat when I am hungry.  I listen to what my body is telling me.  I don't base my food decisions on a clock.  Just because it's noon, it does not mean I must shove something into my mouth.  This has been the most freeing concept to me. 

Dinner is once again choosing a protein source and lots of vegetables.  I keep things real simple.  This is also when I have my fruit for the day.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I eat only one serving of fruit each day to maximize my health plan.

I choose from berries, melon, and other high water weight fruits.

I do not snack.  Ever.  Just because nuts and fruit is listed as acceptable does it mean that you can go hog wild and eat a bunch if weight loss is your primary health goal.

They are "treats".

This IS the way I eat now, Monday through Friday.  Because I have some time put into this lifestyle, I do eat a little more liberally on Saturday and Sunday.  These are the days I allow for a more "Primal" diet.  I increase my carbohydrates and good starches on these days to include more fruit, full fat/grass fed dairy, Paleo approved adult beverages, snacking on Pork Rinds, and sweet potatoes.

I love it like this because after working hard all week on my nutritional needs I always can look forward to some wiggle room and relaxing things a bit.

When a new Monday rolls around, I am right back to the strict Paleo plan.  This is what the 80/20 rule is.  It is not living Paleo 5 days a week and then going back to a Standard American Diet on the weekends.  That is counter productive and will get you no where.

A cheat day is not having a couple slices of pizza, french fried potatoes, or commercial ice cream.


It's really pretty simple, it just seems complicated because as a world we have been taught some pretty convoluted thoughts on what is acceptable to put in our mouths.

Simplify your food and it will simplify your life.

What about ALL those Paleo/Gluten Free treats that you see on Pinterest and Facebook?  They are just that...TREATS.  These are meant to be eaten once in a great while if you are looking for weight loss.  At this point, my brain is just not ready for replacements of the things that got me to 300 pounds.  I do not need them, nor do I want them.

My body and brain crave REAL food in the form of meat and vegetables.  Boring?  Hell no.  I have never been more excited about food in my life.

High Fat/Low Carbohydrate is where I wanna be.

We have bacon...

This is Home Girl and I'm forever a Cave Girl.  Nothing can stop me now.

Please feel free to join me on this journey at Living In The Paleo's Paradise!  If you ever have questions or I can help "Pay It Paleo Forward", do not hesitate to shoot me a message.  Please know, you are never alone.

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Jessica said...

great job lady, that is really motivating. Thank you!

Danielle said...

Hi Marlene,

You are brave and courageous to share this part of your life journey and I respect your tenacity with the changes you are embracing!

We too, are slowly getting to-the-cave, little by little. With sugars running higher from a major loss of Pancreas, and other major health issues, my DH and I we are turning 'greener' by the meal! Now when I ask him 'are you ready for lunch", (a former potatoes and candy guy), he says: "Got any fried greens?!" after day.

Brain fog is gone as are lethargy and excess pounds. Gotta Love it!

Good strengths with your continuing journey!


LL Cool Joe said...

Wow you look great! Well done! Sorry but your posts aren't showing up in my reader at all!