Thursday, August 22, 2013

Triangle of Success

I had a light bulb moment some time ago after transversing a very difficult period in my life.  I was seeing this amazing therapist, named Tambrya W. Klemer, LPC in Newport News, Virginia.  She looked at me one day and told me I was a narcissist.  I regally asked her for some information on this disorder and she obliged.  I took a day or so to read the information and to think about how this might pertain to me.  

I believed that I really was a princess, at that time.  No, wait...let me clarify:  I thought the world revolved around me and had no clue how I kept getting into situations that were not healthy for me.  

Yes, I was clueless.  

The more and more I read the information, the angrier I got.  I did not like thinking that I gave off an "air" of superiority.  I really did not want to "play" the victim role any longer.  

In our next session, I asked her point blank..."How do you fix this? What do I do?".

I remember that she took a second, sat back in her chair and looked straight at me.  "You accept personal responsibility for everything you do."  

That has proven to be sage wisdom in my life every day repeats itself over and over....and over.  

I truly welcome those times because those are the tests that lead to good stuff: a calm, happy, and healthy life.

Personal Responsibility is huge point of being successful at anything you want to achieve.  You can have an incredible IQ and be a member of Mensa, work out and eat nutritional balanced meals (Physical Quotient), but if you lack Personal Responsibility or EQ (emotional quotient), you will never anything.

You just won't.

Before I made the change to a Paleo Lifestyle, I was completely irresponsible with my mouth.  It was bad.  I could not make the changes necessary to save my own life without becoming honest with myself.  Although my personal success was firmly planted in good soil, I had one last monster to slay.

My Food Issues Monster.

I am smart enough to read at a fairly high level of comprehension.  (IQ is not a problem)

I knew I needed to add something physical to my life, but due to medical issues, I could not.  (PQ was horrible, but I did have the knowledge)

I was completely void of any responsibility for something that was to sustain me.  (My EQ sucked in relationship to food.)

My Success Triangle was failing...miserably.

When I made the decision to go Paleo and Go Hard, there was my therapist's voice in my head from all those years ago.  "Accept personal responsibility for your own actions."

I allowed myself to be stronger than the want of something crappy.

I loved myself enough to finally and fully let go of everything that was weighing me down.  I gave that shit wings to fly away.

I made my Triangle of Success complete.  I joined the angles together.  I keep them strong.

What I am saying here is simple.

You have to want it.  Anything in Life...not just in nutrition and finding your Real Food Blueprint.  Take some time to think if your Triangle of Success is firmly joined.

Make sure you are willing to accept responsibility for your choices.  The saying is true.  Good In/Good Out.  "When we know better, we do better." ~ Maya Angelou

Well, now you know better.  Go do better.

~ This is Home Girl