Sunday, May 6, 2012

Good Mood Weekends

I had a great weekend and just like everyone else, I have come to appreciate them when they appear.  I like life more when everyone's in a good mood and getting along.  The star's aligned and the heaven's smiled.

Butter Pecan Double Layer with Pecan Brittle Cream Cheese Buttercream

It just makes things more pleasant, the sun shines a little brighter, the river breeze is a little cooler, and the floral scent of the blooming gardens more vibrant.

I have been ending my weekends by watching, Finding Your Roots on PBS.  I am obsessed with that show.  I know a fair amount about both sides of my family, but I don't have the in depth notes and certifications that other members of my family possess.  That's something I have come to be okay with because I have story memories that I have locked away in my mind.  Countless hours of listening to the remarkable stories about my great grands and their grands at my grandparents telling is forever in my soul and unless I write them here, they will mostly die with me.  I don't think my siblings listened as intently or spent as much one on one time as I did with both sets of my grands.  I soaked in all the stories.  I prompted them as I remember and I relished in it.

I was joking for the past week about my excitement that Martha Stewart would be featured on this week's episode of Finding Your Roots.  I just swore that somehow we had to be related.

We were not, sad to say.  I am in no way related to Genghis Khan and she is, believe it or not.

The one parallel that I did notice is that we come from a line of hard working, creative, resourceful, women who aspired to make the world a happier place through our creations.  We were both raised by gardeners, seamstresses, cooks, bakers, basket weavers, master craftsmen, and intellectuals.

Mulberries Almost Ready!!

I think my princess complex is a little stronger than Martha's, but she definitely has the Northern fortitude on lock.  I just love Martha...and Pioneer Woman.  She can be in our club, too.

I felt a kindred spirit for a moment, but no....there was no family relation.

I'm okay with that though.  I am proud of my heritage and what it has given me.  I like who I am.

Country Style Memphis Ribs n'  Talledega 

I may write about the family characters I know of so that my children will have the legacy that I hold dear to my heart.

Everyone wants to know where they came from...what makes them who they are.  That was something no one could ever take away from me.

Nope, not ever.

This is Home Girl and I am a Daughter of the American Revolution.


Unknown said...

I have never seen it. I am glad you love it and it brings up so much in you : ) Fascinating. That cake is also fascinating. I would like a slice right this instant! XO Have a happy week : ) Love, Becky

LL Cool Joe said...

I'm adopted, and have no blood ties at all. Strangely enough I don't want to know where I come from, and never have. I am what I am, and I'm proud of that. :)

Lovely photos as always.

Suzan Oxenreider said...

My father's people (the original Oxenreider brothers) since the the late 1700s. One of my relatives thoroughly researched and we have a book about our family. There is a photocopied document that shows the names of the two brothers on the ship's manifest so we know that that bunch was too late for the Revolutionary War. (Strangely, we cannot find a record of anyone that fought in the Civil War.) We are researching my mother's family. I am keeping my fingers crossed that somewhere in my lineage I can claim that we had someone fight in the RW. I suspect, however, that my mother's kin probably all arrived here during the big German immigration and everyone was a farmer or shopkeeper.

Bakingmomof4 said...

Nice! I don't think I'm related to Martha either, although maybe Betty Crocker?? LOL Actually I am a direct decedent of Roger Williams that founded Rhode Island. Kinda of cool I think. LOL

April said...

Thankfully, a few of my aunts on my dad's side of the family have traced our family back a long way. They compiled everything into a bound notebook and gave each family member a copy. So, I have it tucked safely away in my hope chest for the day when my girls want to know more about their heritage. What a gift!