Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Gives You The Right?

I happened to be on the MWoP site today checking in on the blogging world's version of Britney Spear's, circa 2008, otherwise known as Mckmama.

I wrote a stellar post about her that is locked on my former blog (because some people suck) and was trying to be really nice and share some of the warning signs I see in her train wreck and potentially criminal life.  I called a spade, a spade while not casting judgement, but merely offering the same advice I often wished someone had been able to afford me at my time in need, but unfortunately all my friends at the time were social climbing, Real Housewives of Virginia Beach who wouldn't have had a clue.  (Wouldn't that be a show)

Oh man, I completely digressed.  I really hate it when that happens.

So, yeah.  Mckmess and Mckmama Without Pity.  MWoP is basically a site run by these incredibly intelligent ladies and men who should be running the government, as far as I am concerned.  Let's talk about completely thorough.  They are the best of blood hounds and I can see why they feel as angered at her antics, as they do.  Hell, I am even shocked at what she's pulled off in the past and still to this day.  I feel sorry for that sap of a husband who either fully knew what was going on, or is completely the sweetest lug who really wasn't watchful and she bullshitted the crap out of him....but I doubt that.

My point is, and I am obviously having a hard time explaining this, that I believe that there may be a basis for websites set to question bad blogging.

I believe that when you become a Mega Blogger and the content of the blog is making considerable money and is supported by paid advertisement then the owner of the blog has a responsibility to their readers to allow scrutiny.

I'm not talking about the stalking kind of following someone around.  That's a little creepy.  I am just supporting MWoP's position in examining the financial activities of this woman.

They have rules of engagement.

I found about two other bloggers going at it today on MWoP and of course, I had to go figure out what everyone was talking about because since they took All My Children off the air, I have been in desperate need of some drama.   You know the kind....the ones you can turn off or look away from.

I have a very low percentage of personal drama because I will not allow it.

Man.....there I go again.  Damn you digression.

So, apparently there is this Dooce, she was recently on Good Morning America or something,  I  don't know because I have never, ever read her....not once.  I read her today and although stunningly designed...I read the first post and it came across as whiny.  I hate whiny bitches.  So, I am assuming she is a pretty big deal or something in the under 30 set??

Anyway...I read about this GOMI chick.  Get Off My Internets.  I check her out and read some brilliant writing, but written with a Viper Tongue.

Bitch can bite....she's even down right mean.

Sort of like Mean Girl's Mean.

Why?  I mean really.  Who the F cares about what Dooce does or not??  Who is she?  OOOoooooo....not.  In reality, GOMI...sweetheart, your driving up Dooce's readership by having this war.  If you hate her that much, why even bother?

Find some real dirt that she can't hire an attorney for and then we'll talk.

Unless, it's Dooce that is writing GOMI....or maybe it's the husband.

Ya'll just need to grow the F up and get over yourselves.  It's a blog.  It's a perception of what you want others to see your life as.  A blog is word smithed existence.  And you're fighting over it?  Really?


This is Home Girl and I think you should just blog for the love of the art....for free...just because it's the right thing to do.  I write advertisement free.  I'm not a girl that can be bought.


Unknown said...

Amen : ) Blog because you love it. I have always been a wee bit turned off by the McMama chick. I also am not a big fan of posts with tens of thousands of pictures of the blogger themselves. That is a little too self absorbed for me. What do i know though?

Teronia Wilson said...

I really need to find this blog and see what the hype is about. I love to talk about people (terrible person confession.